Commission Sumo CTA Campaign

In the article below you can see how you can use the Call To Action (CTA) Campaign type.

You can use any combination of these eye catching Sumo ads, customising the font, style, highlight or animation type and action.

— CTA Demo Article Start —

You can place a headline, call to action button and sub-headline to add any keyword or phrase you choose, instantly through your blog content!

You have the flexibility to customise the button colours to match your page, change the button sizes to put more emphasis on what you are trying to bring your website visitors attention to.

If you are selling products, you could add the checkout link to the hyperlinked word… so that when people hover over it, they see a special coupon – that they ‘think’ they found a secret backdoor discount, drastically increasing conversions.

Link direct to affiliate products, without needing any banners – just a clean looking call to action prompting them to do exactly what you need them to do.


— CTA Demo Article End —

Click here to see the Amazon Commission Sumo type and a list of all other uses for this awesome plugin!

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