Commission Sumo HTML Campaign

In the article below you can see how you can use the HTML Campaign type.

You can use any combination of these eye catching Sumo ads, customising the font, style, highlight or animation type and action.

— HTML Demo Article Start —

The HTML campaign style gives massive flexibility to your Sumo ads, by allowing you to put any kind of html you like into the popup box that people hover over.

Some things you can do with the html campaign type are:

Countdown clocks for real-time urgency

Coupon Codes, found when your engaged reader is actively interacting with your page.

A fun thing you could do …. is set your design template to make the text look like normal text for an hour or something, and give away rewards in a popup in a ‘hidden’ pop up that your readers need to find to access.  Hide things like extra bonuses, or hidden codes – or giveaways.

If your autoresponder isn’t listed in our integrated services, you can use the html campaign to add your html optin form

Add a html banner code/image/affiliate URL link

Link to an article that you’d like your website visitors to visit

— HTML Demo Article End —

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