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This article shows you a little of what you can do using the Amazon campaign, automatically putting customisable keywords into your post, and linking to top income generating Amazon products.

Commission Sumo does a LOT more!  (<- example of a CTA campaign)

Scroll to the bottom of this article to see the different campaign types you can create with this simple to use plugin.

NOTE: I’ve added a lot of Sumo ads onto this page to demonstrate what you can do, but you have FULL control over how many display per page, so you can just display one if you want.

You also have control over the design of the hyperlinked words too! Everything from colour, style, highlight or font is totally customisable

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— Demo Article Start —

I said goodbye to my mouse last month. It was time to advance, I thought, to a higher plane of input, a trackpad that works like a tablet’s screen. Instead of point and click, I’d swipe and flick.

A few weeks in, I was missing my mouse. Moving a folder across a 27-inch iMac screen with the trackpad was like lugging a grand piano across the Sahara—I had to keep taking breaks along the way, as I ran out of pad.

This can’t be progress. Determined, I rustled up a dozen of the latest input devices, regular mice and trackpads, but also vertical mice, pen- and knob-shaped mice, a touch-screen stylus, even a controller that lets you wave your hands around without touching anything, a la “Minority Report.”

What I discovered: Thirty years after the Macintosh took the mouse mainstream, I couldn’t find anything more precise or comfortable for operating a computer. More important, I found the mouse has managed to reinvent itself over the years—it’s like the Madonna of PC peripherals.

— Demo Article End —

This page demonstrates the Amazon campaigns, but Commission Sumo can do a LOT more!

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