Commission Sumo Optin Campaign

In the article below you can see how you can use the Optin/Lead Capture Campaign type.

You can use any combination of these eye catching Sumo ads, customising the font, style, highlight or animation type and action.

— Optin/Lead Capture Demo Article Start —

Using this plugin, you can add a whole new level of awesomeness to your blog with curiosity inspiring lead capture boxes added throughout your blog instantly.

You don’t need to edit any posts, or fuss with tricky code.

Step 1: Connect your autoresponder

It’s currently integrated with aweber, with more coming and more design options available too – If you are using a different platform with html forms (virtually 99% of other autoresponders), you can still use it, by selecting the Sumo HTML campaign type instead.

Step 2: Use our walk through wizard to set up your campaign

It’s super easy, choose your keywords, select the ‘Optin’ campaign type, select the list you want to add them to, choose your design and where you want to display it and activate.

Step 3: Um.. there is no step 3

The keywords you have chosen will automatically display these Sumo optin ads where you’ve set for them to display, no editing or adding code – or messing around with

This plugin is useful for building your main mailing list of course, but can also be used extremely powerful, allowing you to segment your lists, building multiple lists (as many campaigns as you choose to set up) based on any keywords throughout your website in moments.

— Optin/Lead Capture Demo Article End —

Click here to see the Amazon Commission Sumo type and a list of all other uses for this awesome plugin!

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