Commission Sumo Social Sharing Campaign

In the article below you can see how you can use the Social Sharing Campaign type.

You can use any combination of these eye catching Sumo ads, customising the font, style, highlight or animation type and action.

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This plugin is really easy to use, you just upload the plugin, activate it and then use the set up wizard which walks you through setting up your campaigns.

Social Sharing campaigns are the easiest to set up, you don’t need to fuss around with adding any settings.

Just activate, choose the keywords you want the pop up to show on and you have ready to go social prompts on your website.

You can use them for a single keyword or if you want to use an entire phrase, you can do that too.

You’re also able to control how many of those will display on a page and choose which pages they display and which ones that they are disabled (on a campaign level), so you have complete control at your finger tips.

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