Commission Sumo Video Campaign

In the article below you can see how you can use the Video Campaign type, there are other Commission Sumo Campaign Types (<- check that out if you want to see the Amazon one and get all the links to various other campaigns)

You can use any combination of these eye catching Sumo ads, customising the font, style, highlight or animation type and action.

— Video Demo Article Start —

This plugin is SUPER flexible, allowing you to create campaigns for selling, engagement, traffic and basically whatever you’d like your blog posts to do.

You can show a video for a single keyword or use a phrase like: Simple WordPress tutorial

If you want to automate the process, and use CommissionSumo as an engagement tool, you can just put in your keywords (it can be anything you choose) and we can automatically pull the videos from YouTube for you.

Or, if you want to draw attention to a video review of a certain product, you can select which video you want to send people to – so you can make sure they aren’t watching a competitors video.

This is extremely powerful when you are using your blog to offer a bonus, where you really want your visitor to stay on your page until they are ready to go directly to the sales page and buy.

Or, it could be used to display more in-depth training videos in a clean way while keeping the message of your post direct and to the point.


— Video Demo Article End —

Click here to see the Amazon Commission Sumo type and a list of all other uses for this awesome plugin!



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